Thursday, June 26, 2008


Vespa mopeds used to be the perfect vehicle for young people trying to get about town. Although you couldn't take a gas moped scooter on the highway, you could do almost anything else with it. You could use it to get to classes, to your job, or to your friend's house. Best of all, gas mopeds got wonderful fuel economy. You could get well over 100 miles per gallon, and park it almost anywhere. You could even wheel it into the backyard if you wanted to!

The Vespa moped was well known to be one of the best mopeds available. Not only was it extremely stylish, but it was also well made and relatively inexpensive. Marketing also played a role in the success of Vespa mopeds, and they soon became known as the epitome of the sleek, young, moped scooter. Unfortunately, prices became inflated. Nowadays, no one buys Vespa scooters unless they have a lot of money to throw around. They just aren't worth it. They cost much more than they should, and aren't really any better than many of the other scooter brands.

Nonetheless, having a Vespa moped does have a certain allure to it. As Harley Davidson's are to motorcycles, Vespa mopeds are to scooters. They are the most classic, die hard example of the vehicle, and owning one shows people that you are a serious fan. Like Harleys, however, they are also extremely overpriced. They may be well-made – some of the best in the business – but your average rider simply can't afford it.

There is only really one way to own Vespa mopeds if you are on a limited budget: buying an old one and fixing it up. Although electric scooters last only a few years, gas ones are remarkably durable. Often, something minor will go wrong and the owner will decide that it is more affordable to get rid of it than to have it fixed. When this happens, you can find what would normally be a very valuable scooter at a very cheap price. If you know a few things about fixing them up, you can own Vespa mopeds on a limited budget.

Before you go out and buy a scooter, however, you should really think about what your vehicle needs are. Scooters are good if you have a limited distance to travel, but often you can get by with a simple bike and public transportation. Still, owning a scooter does give you some added flair!

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